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For the user. With passion.

We want to create value for our users, our partners and our merchants. The concept of loyalty is being redefined with modern technology and an outside-in perspective. At Plexian, we focus on honest and genuine relations instead of the old traditional model where loyalty is associated with amount of money spent. Our loyalty solution makes you a loyalty company - we are making fans together.

The Team

Helena Sulieman

Head of HR & Office Manager

  • Vit Edin Ikon

Per-Anders Eriksson


  • Vit Edin Ikon

Johan Karlsson

Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Vit Edin Ikon

Kristian Larsson

Head of Product Management

  • Vit Edin Ikon

Jonas Tönnberg

KAM of Merchants

  • Vit Edin Ikon

Magnus Svensson

  • Vit Edin Ikon

Chief Data Scientist

Mårten Hansson

KAM of Partners

  • Vit Edin Ikon


Making Fans


Gustav Adolfs Torg 8 B
211 39  Malmö


040 - 602 54 15


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