Reward and be rewarded

A new modern take on loyalty where the relationship with the consumer is genuine. A scenario where everyone is a winner.

Loyalty should be a relationship that stands the test of time. Like any other successful relationship, it is built on a lot of trust, and a little bit of AI and FinTech.

Data driven communication

Communicate with consumers on an individual level with truly personified messages and offers. Edge AI robot collects data from many sources, helping you truly understand your customers. All data is safe guarded and anonymized, which means what truly matters is the behaviour of the card, not the individual. Personified offers without being personal, simple as that.

Emotional loyalty

Loyalty is more than personified offers - it's about creating genuine emotional bonds with the consumer. This goes beyond transactions. Use the Edge platform to engage users in competitions, events, challenges and much more. Use Edge as a tool to get closer to your customers and offer them experiences that truly enriches their life.

More value with partners

The great thing with an API-based platform is the endless possibilities connecting innovative services from the best and most innovative suppliers in the industry. Edge unlocks the possibility for partners to tailor-make the experience for customers or a specific market. 

Digital lifestyle

The Edge loyalty platform is built with Plexian Mobile Wallet in mind. A tool with loyalty- as well as financial capabilities through a mobile interface paired with a physical and digital membership card. A mobile population deserves a mobile solution, developed with the end-user in mind.

Plexian® Edge - The World is Full of Fans!

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