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What if consumers had more control over all aspects of their consumption? That is where Plexian comes in.

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It's one thing to share data. It's a whole different thing to share data and get equal or more value back. The Edge platform supply consumers with the most personified communication from data that is anonymized and protected to safeguard personal information. The same platform gives brands an enabler to reach its members or customers with individually tailor-made communication. As a company, you probably have tons of data that can't be utilized for various reasons. With Edge, that data can become useful for you and your customers.

Plexian Mobile Wallet

One mobile wallet, packed with solutions within loyalty, offers, payments and finance! Everything found in a traditional leather wallet could be digitalised and moved to Plexian Mobile Wallet. One place for all your needs, one enabler for making fans.

Stronger with cooperation

SweFinTech and Øresund FinTech are two of the associations we are a part of. The members of these associations are some of the most innovative that can be found in Sweden.  By being a member of SweFinTech and Øresund FinTech, we open the doors for new collaborations within FinTech.

Swedish Financial Technology Association

SweFinTech, is an industry association for the Swedish FinTech companies. Their mission is to gather the Swedish community to create impact. They work for a well-functioning FinTech market in Sweden by initiating meetings and cooperation with relevant government officials, authorities, agencies, politicians and other business organizations.


Øresund FinTech

Sharing experiences to create conditions for faster growth and new Fintech businesses. Five times a year they bring the Øresund Fintech community together to discuss a hot topic in the industry. They refer to the gathering as Øråd. Afterwards they form a Øgrupp focused on the theme of the Øråd where the discussions and sharing of experience.


Plain and Simple

As easy as possible for the users

Whether you are using our products or working with us in a project - we want you to have a smooth experience. For us, plain and simple could be applied to an UI/UX, but also a state of mind. Having the courage to tell a partner what we think and the ability to listen to feedback makes for a working environment that is plain and simple.


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